Peepers Affiliate Case Study #3

by akagorilla on May 4, 2012

Halfway! This is the third installment of a 4-month live case study where Greg Hoffman Consulting manages the Peepers Reading Glasses affiliate program for free and shares everything with the world. We are taking the program from an unmanaged free for all to a custom built, value added, profitable marketing channel for a great brand.

By the end of the month, the numbers started to even out a little bit. When we removed the bulk of the ppc trademark and coupon poachers from the program a month ago, sales dropped a net of 45%. End of month reports show only a net drop of 20%. Remember, sales are historically lower from March to April by 20%, that’s why you see the net numbers and not gross.

The niche affiliates are gaining ground and the plan is working. Here is a comment from Alec at Peepers:

Greg Hoffman and his team are doing a great job cleaning up the chaos! In less than a year our affiliate program went from spinning out of control to now an organized strategy. We have seen this come to light in just 2 months as we’re already attracting the right affiliates! The ppc poacher traffic has done little to detract our customers from buying our products which is ultimately a great sign. We look forward to growing this strategy and continue attracting new customers.

What is next? In coordination with the merchant, we are now working with a trusted paid search affiliate to help capture some of that lost traffic and we’ll be monitoring the progress this month. Mother’s Day promotions are also helping and we are also targeting some interesting verticals in our recruiting efforts.

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