Peepers Affiliate Case Study #1

by akagorilla on March 29, 2012

It’s been a couple weeks since we announced our takeover of the Peepers Reading Glasses affiliate program and started our live case study, for free. Here is what we have done in the month of March…


The most glaring problem I saw with the program was the conversion. To me, 25% is just as alarming as .01%. After studying the clicks, the sales and who was driving most of those conversions, I vowed to make changes. Since this program was not managed before, the paid search and coupon affiliates were in complete control.

We have terminated 8 paid search affiliates that were direct linking in violation of the original terms of service. Every week another couple pop up. This will take a few months to fix but thanks to Brand Verity, it will be done.

We approved 25 affiliates directly from our pool of top affiliates with 15 of them being niche content partners. We also declined 19 affiliates that we feel are not the right fit for this program.

We ran a great promotion this week and showed tremendous success. Peepers has a clearance page where they need to move product off the site. They discount typically around 20%. We added a 25% coupon code plus free shipping on top of the clearance price for 2 days. That’s 45% off. Look at the difference between last Tuesday/Wednesday and this past Tuesday/Wednesday:

Clicks were up 471%
Sales were up 142%
Conversion went from 21% last week to 8% this week
EPC dropped from $38 to $29
Average Order went up $3
Affiliates sending at least 1 sale increased 42%
Affiliates sending at least 1 click increased 113%

That was a beautiful test and it helped recruit strong new affiliates. We are not going to discount the brand but we certainly are going to be making changes long term to make the numbers realistic and stable for all affiliates. Occasional deals drive massive clicks. We feel removing the trademark poachers and motivating some great content sites this week is the first big baby step. The merchant obviously was hoping for more sales but we are educating them on the process of how to clean the program and give proof to the good affiliates that we are worthy of their time and resources.

Finally, I added new terms of service today. They go into effect next week. Merchant provided summary of changes:
1. Trademark Plus terms in paid search are prohibited (coupons, promo codes) 2. Direct Linking in paid search is prohibited 3. Coupons must be distributed through affiliate channel only 4. Spyware, adware, parasiteware, browser help objects, cookie stuffing and toolbars are not permitted.

I have my eye on a few bad couponers that will be removed this time next week. Sales through the affiliate channel will drop in the short term but our content affiliates will go through the roof very soon. If you look at the 30 Day conversion it’s 21%. The 7 Day conversion is a much more realistic 11%.

Change is happening. Time to join Peepers Reading Glasses on ShareASale.

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Kush A March 29, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Great work Greg, thanks for sharing the results :) Every now and then brand bidders apply to our program noting that they are "a top affiliate in all major networks!!!" – thanks but no thanks.

From time to time even good affiliates will occasionally brand bid – nothing a quick message won't fix but that's what program managers are for ;)


akagorilla March 29, 2012 at 4:29 pm

They are top affiliates in the networks because most networks are greedy pigs that love money and can’t stand niche affiliates that are low but consistent earners. Managers that string together a dozen or so niche affiliates don’t need poachers or couponers as much. But I digress…


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